Investments Advisory

  • Clear directions on a complex and dynamic economic environment

  • Specialized services on investment portfolio management

  • Focus on risk management and financial goals based investments

Because of its complexity and dynamism, the investment industry demands meticulous and dedicated professional effort on risk management and investment execution, aimed to comply with each clients specific needs.

Our team is capable of bringing the required counsel for bond trading while also being capable of building solid investment portfolios with clear financial goals in mind.

Venezuelan Debt Radar

  • Local and international network

  • Holders and issuers strategies analysis

  • Extensive analysis on variable such as price, yields, volumes, demand structure and spreads.

We have created an effective external debt analysis tool that’s ideal for the decision making process.

We put at your disposal a talented team of professionals, with full time dedication to the analysis of payment capacity of issuers and all of the fundamental market variables.

“In the age of the information economy, you don’t need additional information, you need clear direction”


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Our team of consultants specializes on designing strategies and finding solutions just for you. We have the right kind of talent, with the analytical knowledge and the right tools for intelligent investment planning focused on financial goals, and risk management

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At Fivenca Asset Management we are proud to have a first rate team of professionals always ready to help you with your financial needs

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